FONIA flower 〜violet〜



FONIA flower 〜violet〜

The birth of a SAKE that is like an herbal tea to rest the body. Viola, imported from Edible Garden, a store specializing in edible flowers, is floated directly in the unrefined water, and liqueur de violette is added to give it an elegant violet scent. It is refreshing with the sourness of pickles, the bitterness of bitter gourd stir-fry, and goes well with cheesecake.


  • Manufacturer:WAKAZE Inc.
  • Country:Japan, Japan
  • Bottle:500ml
  • Aclhole percentage:11%
  • Raw rice:Tsuya-hime
  • Rice polishing rate:Koji-mai 70%, Kake-mai 70%
  • Sake meter value:-3.4